A flyer on my door

This afternoon when I got up and left the apartment I saw there was a flyer on my door.

  • At first I grabbed it off the door and was about to throw it away without even looking at it, and we have sales people that come by all the time here and I figured it was just somebody trying to sell me something, and I was right that was exactly what it was however the difference is that this time it was something that I could entirely use.

The advertisement was for a new heating and AC business that had recently arrived in town. They were advertising they are low prices and services and even promised to have your first Heating and cooling tune up done by them for free! Where I’m at that has just completely unheard of and so I knew I was going to have to check them out. The fire also included in a list of common Heating and Air Conditioning products that they have; One of the ones was one I have been needing and it was a ductless mini split air conditioner. I’ve been looking to get something that could replace my window air conditioner, and this was just what I was needing. It was perfect for me because they were advertising the cheapest prices that I’ve seen yet! I was thrilled to have this flyer on my door. I looked at the number of the heating and AC business and called them instantly, they gave me instruction to their store and I headed down there. Sure enough there it was in person the ductless mini split AC that I’ve been wanting. The one that I have had such a difficult time finding anywhere. I knew there was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity and I bought at that same afternoon, I’ve been using it every afternoon since then and I cherish it far more than my old window air conditioner.

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