AC blowing directly over me at a diner

It was a Tuesday evening plus I decided that would be a fantastic evening for a date evening, and most people venture out to diners plus bars during the weekend however I am not a fan of crowds… Tuesdays are enjoyable mornings to get fantastic deals on tacos. My pal and I decided on a location close enough to our home that we could walk there. On the walk over, we discussed our mornings plus dreamt of guacamole. I was surprised to find that there was a wait when we arrived at the diner. It is rare to have to wait on a table in the middle of the week. My pal and I grabbed a seat at the crowded bar plus ordered a drink. I noticed that there was an air conditioning vents blowing directly over me. I did not know that it was too uncomfortable to be under this air conditioning vent because it was a warm afternoon, then after cooling down from our walk over, I had to ask the bartender if he was able to adjust the temperature control, when I confronted him with the A/C issue, he told me that he would see if someone could adjust the vent, but he was unable to control the temperature control plus the manager was not there to unlock the temperature control case. Once my food arrived, I immediately know that is was going to be a problem. My fish tacos were cold almost immediately after hitting the bar top. I was not angry, just disappointed. There should be someone in the building at all times who has the authority to control the temperature control.



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