Air conditioners needed in new locales

I am a part of a pet group on social media. Many of the member are from the UK plus they are experiencing a hotter than average Summer season. Many were complaining of the 85 degree hot plus cold temperatures while it is well over 90 in the part of the US where I live plus it has been for the past three months. I felt like rubbing this in until I realized that several of the UK members simply do not have air conditioning. They don’t need it most of the time. This was surprising to me. I can’t imagine not having to have an cooling system. In the deep south, where I am from, an cooling system is a necessity. I periodically wonder what people used to do before air conditioning was invented down here, but our forebears must have been a lot tougher than my great friend and I are. Or, at least, a lot tougher than I am. There are still people working outside all day with a heat index of 120 so I feel I can’t speak to the toughness of all Southerners. As for me, I go from my air conditioned home to my air conditioned automobile to an air conditioned building plus still complain about the heat. I imagine the air conditioning business will have to start picking up in the UK with summers like this one too. The only concern is, I am told there are simply not enough cooling system contractors for all of the horrifying demand over there this year, so people just can not get cool in this new heatwave.

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