Air conditioning maintenance in a busy restaurant

Any large building is going to experience issues with heating and cooling at some point.

  • If a building is older, it is prone to more problems than a newer building might be.

This is the case with the restaurant I work in. The building is 60 years old and 5,000 square feet. The temperature in one area of the building can be drastically different in another area at any time. There are several thermostats that control each unit. In order to keep the heating and cooling system in working order, it is vital that we keep up with a maintenance plan. It is typical for an HVAC maintenance technician to come in to the restaurant once a month. Usually, the HVAC technician will arrive in the morning to check out all of the units for any problems. If they find something that needs to be repaired, they will come back the following morning as not to be in the way during the lunch rush. There have been many instances where the HVAC technician will find a small problem and then after further investigation, finds out that the problem is much larger and involved. There was one time where the HVAC technician came in for monthly preventive maintenance and found a really bad problem. We had to close the restaurant for 3 days while the units on the roof were replaced. Everyone on the staff was very upset about this, as they were not able to make money while the repairs were taking place.

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