Bathroom ceiling leak at work leads to ductwork problems

I really enjoy where I work.

It’s low key, I don’t have many coworkers and there is no drama.

I believe that a drama free workplace is what contributes to the overall success of a company. The big picture of a company is formulated through the attitudes and work performance from employees. This is certainly not the case at where I work. Everyone, works hard, gets rewarded for what they do and no one complains about their work. The other day my two coworkers called out of work, so it was just me in the office. I heard a really strange noise coming from the bathroom in the back room. I thought someone had snuck into the office and was trying to scare me. When I turned the light on in the back room I saw a puddle of water. I looked up and the ceiling was leaking! I called the landlord of our office building and he sent a roofing company over. The roofing company was able to fix the leak but when they took some of the ceiling tiles off they saw that the water had run into the ductwork! Therefore my landlord also had to call the local HVAC company. The HVAC company showed up within a half hour. I showed them the leak and they did an inspection on the ductwork. The HVAC technician said that we were lucky that the metal sheet ductwork was sealed so tightly. If the ductwork wasn’t sealed as tight, the water would have seeped into the ductwork, causing serious problems that could lead to mold and immediate replacement and cleaning of the ductwork.

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