Bonding experience backfires.

I have consistently been a little jealous of my sibling plus her job.

She is one of those corporate types that travels the world on a yearly basis plus I love hearing about her trips.

I had to laugh when she called the other day plus she was exasperated over her latest adventure. Apparently, her management team decided that they should all travel to the mountains for a corporate “bonding” experience. This trip involved working with high elements, rock climbing, plus backpacking overnight through the woods. None of this seemed up my sibling’s alley plus I couldn’t imagine her in that environment. Her idea of roughing it was a hotel room separate from room service. She said that most of trip was at least unbiased plus she did make some new friends, but, there was none of the creature comforts that she was used to. She said that they didn’t even have electricity in the so called cabins plus she had to drink Sprite that was boiled over a fire. She said that her roommates plus she did anything however bond as they argued over who had to get up plus put wood on the fire so that they would not be freezing at night plus when my sibling wanted to open the windows for fresh air while in the day, one of the others said that it bothered her allergies. This trip had the exact opposite effect that upper management had intended. The lack of an Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, bugs, sore muscles, plus lack of sleep, only wanted to make all the people get as far away from each other as possible. My sibling was never so thrilled to get home to her comfortable bed plus Heating as well as Air Conditioning system.

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