Bought a dehumidifier for the bathroom

I have to admit, I am the type of person who gets unquestionably overwhelmed and loses track of her life.

I tend to find myself getting worried and overloaded throughout the year.

At a particular point, I completely supply up on everything I need to accomplish. This is true when it comes to my cabin responsibilities and especially taking care of myself, then recently, I realized that I was falling into my seasoned depressive trap again. The realization came to me on the afternoon that I noticed my indoor air quality was suffering greatly. It felt sizzling and humid in my home no matter what room I went into. Then, I started seeing the mold. It looks like every air vent was surrounded by a dark patch of mold or mildew. I eventually traced to the root of the issue back to my bathroom. This is when I made an unlucky affixion between my lack of self-care and my failing indoor air quality. All of the times that I was too overwhelmed to spend money attention to myself resulted and taking severely long and sizzling showers to decompress. The heat and humidity from the bathroom air was causing a lot of indoor mildew and mold growth. That’s the moment when I realized I was going to have to take better care of everything, starting with my indoor air quality. I called out the HVAC professional and had him install a dehumidifier for my bathroom. Now, at least I can take my unbelievable showers without worrying about giving myself unhealthy indoor air. One less thing to get depressed about.

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