Brother’s neighbor was a murderer

My little brother is such a character.

He’s always up to something funny and going on some adventure.

This was most recently demonstrated when he decided to move to Ukraine. If that sounds like a completely random destination to you, we agree. None of us can understand why my brother decided to move to a third world country where he can’t speak enough of the language to pay his own utility bills or manage his indoor air. He has an apartment that his landlord manages for him. He never pays his own bills or adjusts his own indoor air handling devices because he doesn’t know how to. Thankfully, his HVAC system and indoor air handling devices are shared with his neighbor. They have a central heating and cooling system that services both of their apartments. The apartments are connected by a short length of air duct work. The thermostat is contained within his neighbor’s apartment. For many months so there was no problem with the indoor air temperatures that his neighbor wanted to set. Then, one day my brother realized that his neighbor was gone. The central heating and cooling system with operating an old air temperature control program that was not appropriate for the current outdoor climate. When he asked his landlord about the new air quality problem that he was experiencing, his landlord nodded grimly. Apparently, my brother was going to have to learn how the foreign thermostat worked rather quickly… Because his neighbor had been arrested for murder. They found bones hidden in his ductwork, which was just beyond my brother’s air vents.

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