Causes of poor indoor air quality

Spring is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more happy for the warm weather that will be upon us undoubtedly soon. When the warm weather comes around I will swap out the winter season clothes out of my closet and take the warmer clothes from upstairs and stick them in my closet, then i find that this keeps me nice and organized, but speaking of organization, when Spring rolls around I make sure that my condo is clean. I entirely ensure cleanliness in my condo when the temperature outside is rising because as they rise, so does the odd allergens in the air. I have disappointing dust sensitivities so the air quality in my condo is something that I’m conscious of and try to improve every year. I reached out to my local Heating and A/C serviceman to see if there was some ways that I can improve the air quality and what were some things that could be causing the discomfort in my dust sensitivities. Some of these occurring things are off-gassing of building materials, normally this only occurs in older homes, so this wouldn’t apply to my home; Another one is house cleaners, aerosols, paints and glues, however to eliminate this stuff, I have decided to use all natural house cleaners that eliminate the harmful pollutants in the air. Also due to the dust, pollen, dander and other airborne pollutants that live inside my home, these are one of the main contributors. What can help with this is by removing my air filters every three months and installing UV lights and air purification systems as well. I am entirely like the idea of installing UV lights to help with improving the air quality in my home.

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