Changed plans to an air conditioned venue

The youngsters were all gleeful about our planned zoo trip on Saturday although I watched the weather with some fear. A horrible heat wave was passing through and there were predicted temperatures of well over 90 degrees. I waited and hoped it would cool down however Saturday morning came at it was already 87 degrees at nine in the morning. I knew I needed another plan and fast. I looked through a few websites before discovering the local aquarium. They had lots of creatures, both aquatic and some non aquatic reptiles, so it was a perfect fit. To top it all off, everything was indoor and air conditioned. I didn’t even tell the youngsters of the change in plans. I just loaded them all up and too them to the “water zoo”. When the oldest asked about the elephants, I explained that this was a weird zoo than last time. This one has fish and sharks and seals and iguanas, but he wasn’t too disappointed for long. The kid wore themselves out running back and forth and looking at all the creatures. I breathed in the cooled indoor air and was certainly happy and so grateful for an air conditioned interest. It was fantastic for the youngsters and certainly educational however nice and comfortable too. The youngsters were enjoying themselves so much that I decided to buy a season pass for all of us. This is looking like it is going to be a certainly tepid and humid summer. I might as well line up some cool air conditioned activities for the next three months.


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