Climate control is something that every home needs

My husband and I took a trip last summer to our favorite city.

It is in a particularly warm climate so it was a welcome experience to walk into our room and be greeted by the refreshing coolness provided by the air conditioner.

We unpacked, took a shower, and changed into some comfortable clothes for our evening adventures. Unfortunately, while we were out, a cold front moved in. Chilled by the cold wind, we hurried back to the hotel and up to our room. However, when we entered our room we were blasted with a wave of unwelcome cold air. Apparently my husband had left the air conditioner on full blast and now our room felt like a walk-in freezer. I jumped into bed to stay warm while my husband switched the air conditioning unit to furnace mode. He hurriedly jumped in after me. We waited for a few minutes for the furnace to begin heating up our room. But it didn’t happen. My husband finally got up to check the settings on the HVAC unit. It was set on heat but was still blowing cold air. I called the front desk and they said they’d send up an HVAC technician shortly. After 45 mins, an HVAC technician knocked at our door and apologized for the delay. Apparently HVAC units all throughout the hotel were malfunctioning. As he worked to repair our HVAC unit, he explained that he’d been doing air conditioning repairs and heater repairs all evening. In short order, the HVAC unit was in working condition. We thanked him for repairing the furnace function and wished him a good evening. Fortunately, the next day, it warmed up again. We put our hotel HVAC unit back into air conditioning mode and enjoyed a lovely rest of our vacation.

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