Conserving energy through our HVAC systems

Just the other afternoon I decided to stay inside, relax and find a new show to watch.

I went on my pear TV, went to a station and saw that there was a new documentary from one of my favorite celebrities.

This documentary was about temperature change and how my pal and I are slowly destroying our earth. It was seriously interesting and it got me thinking: “How can I make an individual difference to reverse the downside effects of temperature change?” Some of the things that I have eliminated in my own home is turning off the lights when I’m not in the room, not running the water excessively, taking shorter showers, setting my thermostat lower at night during the winter time time, and by setting my HVAC system lower during the winter time time I am saving so much more money on fuel, plus I don’t have to fill it up as much and I’m lessening the demand for it, then not to mention I’m saving energy as well. Some of the other techniques that my HVAC serviceman has told me so my HVAC system isn’t running as much is to have annual service, and he really busy the importance that I change my air filter at least every three months. When I do this, I am lessening the workload on my HVAC system, so it’s not laboring so hard, and plus I am also avoiding any future repairs on my HVAC system as well, and as a civilization as a whole my pal and I need to start being more cautious of our consumption with all types of energy. A great site to start is reducing consumption in your home especially your HVAC system.

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