Coworkers getting arguments over set temperature on thermostats

Every week I receive a newspaper from our mailman about all of the local businesses in the area and what these businesses are doing to improve their carbon footprint, how they are saving money and new projects that they are implementing.

It’s really interesting to get a different perspective on how different companies view certain things.

For example there was a four-page spread on heating and cooling. It was surprising to me that people actually fight over the office temperature. According to the newspaper it found that women are more sensitive to temperature changes than men. There’s also a statistic that said at least 21% of people have secretly changed the office’s thermostat during the summer. I’m not sure how people get away with changing the thermostat when a lot of office thermostats have locks on them where you need a specific code or key to change the set temperature on the thermostat. I cannot imagine getting in an argument with my coworker over what the set temperature is. I feel like that would create such a hostile and petty work environment. I can see if the co-worker is doing it every day and everyone else is complaining about it, that would be a different story. A simple fix to a temperature war in the office environment would be to install a mini split system in certain parts of the office building so people can have their own thermostats and control their own temperatures through zone control heating and cooling. If I were some of these businesses and had a lot of money in my budget I would contact a local heating and cooling technician to get a free estimate on zone control.



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