DIY climate control locker

I found love later in life.

I was married once; several years ago but that didn’t work out. Since then, I haven’t really been looking. Now I have finally met someone. Bryan is my age, has grown children like I do, and we have just clicked. The only thing I don’t like is that Bryan is a motorcycle man. He loves to ride on the weekends and he treats his Harley like it is a member of the family. I was shocked to learn that the motorcycle is kept in a climate controlled storage facility whenever he is not on it. I was even more shocked to discover the price of storing the motorcycle in a climate controlled storage locker. Lets just say that it is more money than I used to pay for an apartment downtown a decade or two back. My house has a lot of ground and I don’t see why we can’t build a storage shed here and get a heating and cooling system installed in the storage shed. When I mentioned this to Bryan he said that it would need a dehumidifier too. Fine, whatever. So we could get the shed, and the HVAC system and have it all professionally built and we would still save money in a year or two. Bryan is very interested in this idea. I think he likes the thought of having his motorcycle nearby all of the time. I like the thought of saving money. Why should we pay money for something we can do ourselves? I see no reason what-so-ever. I am going to call up my HVAC supplier on Tuesday and see about getting a price quote.


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