Don't alter the temperature on the control machine too often

I have a tendency to want things exactly a certain way, then the temperature in a room is something I obsess over; For the longest time, I had a poor habit concerning this; I would fiddle within my control machine way too often. For a while, I did not realize just how damaging this could be to my heating plus air condition system. I figured it was my Heating and A/C system, plus I could tweak it as often as I liked, because it’s all about having that perfectly comfortable temperature, then besides, I reasoned, the temperature swings harshly throughout the day in my region of the country. It seemed only natural to adjust the control machine several times throughout the day. The problem with this is that the a/c or the furnace will have to cycle on plus off far more often than usual, which wears the system down. I eventually had to relent plus set a more constant temperature once I discovered that I was hurting my system. On afternoons in which I was spending most of my time at home, I simply had to set one single temperature that would be the most comfortable throughout the day. Then, in the evening, I would turn the control machine down a couple degrees because sleep is aided by a cooler environment. Then of course, before I leave for work, I adjust the control machine to use less energy to heat plus cool the home when no one is occupying it. This way I am putting less wear plus tear on my Heating and A/C system!

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