Drain cleaning worked out well

I thought I was really good about trapping the hair and removing it

Drainage has been a huge issue in my household lately. The water down my sink drains so slowly. The tub water seems to be stuck in there forever. I get a lot of soap, grime, and scud build up due to the slow draining water. I have tried cleaning around the drain and using a plumber’s snake. I even dumped some drain cleaner down it to solve the issue. Nothing seemed to help. It seemed silly to call a plumbing business for drain cleaning but I was desperate. I just couldn’t fix the issue on my own. Well I learned the last thing you want to do is use a drain cleaner. These harsh chemicals corrode your pipes and actually lodge the blockage in there further. They do way more harm than good. The professional plumber has way more sophisticated tools to get to the root of the problem. He took the drain off the shower and into the sink. He used his own snake, lights, and a bunch of other stuff. The debris he brought back up was gross. So my sink drain gets clogged up with an oily film which I figured out was my face wash. I am going to change brands if this doesn’t happen again. The tub drain just needed all that hair mucked out. I thought I was really good about trapping the hair and removing it. I am apparently not so good with it. I am just relieved that the drain cleaning appointment worked and was a huge success. Now I don’t need to worry anymore.


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