Electric Resistance Heating

My coworker that I have known for the past four years at my current task invited me to his dwelling the other morning.

She is much younger than me so I have been able to live vicariously through her; She and his husband just purchased their first dwelling together. My husband and I purchased our first dwelling together ten years ago. Therefore he would always come to me about homeowner questions since I’ve owned about two houses in the past ten years. One of his questions was about Heating and A/C systems and the strange ways to cool and heat a home. She brought up electric resistance heating. I told his that that was an effective way to heat his dwelling but it is one of the most costly possibilities when it comes to heating. It is 100% energy efficient since all of the electric energy that is brought forth to the system, transfers into heat. I told his he should somewhat steer clear form electric resistance heating since there is potential transmission losses, duct heat losses and the extra energy that is required to heat the rest of a home. I told his that my husband and I have always had an oil boiler in both of our homes. We prefer the oil boilers over the electric because my pal and I wanted our electric bill to be separate from our heating bill. His dwelling is genuinely nice for a first home. It makes me want to buy a current home. However, he did listen to our suggestion and the two current homeowners now have an oil boiler.

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