Evolution of HVAC systems

I will stick to my conventional HVAC system that I simply have to turn on and off

I had to laugh the other day while watching a video on social media. It was one of those how to videos that told you how to make a portable air conditioner out of a large bucket, a fan, and some ice. This caused me to laugh because, when you think about it, this is like taking a large step backwards when it comes to HVAC technology. I can remember even as a kid talking with my grandfather on hot summer days and him telling stories of how they would do something similar to that even when he was a kid. For the life of me I can’t understand why you would want to do this when such awesome technology now exists in our world. The way I look at it, you still need electricity to run even this bucket method, so why not have a modern HVAC unit to keep you cool. Today there are so many portable models on the market that fit into just about everyone’s lifestyle there’s no excuse for trying to make something so ridiculous. If you think about it, it’s not very cost-effective either because you’re constantly having to purchase ice or make ice and the hassle of changing it out all the time just doesn’t make sense. I will stick to my conventional HVAC system that I simply have to turn on and off. I can adjust the temperature to whatever I’d like at any given time and it adds the future of a dehumidifier as well. I think sometimes people nowadays overthink things, and go overboard when they feel bad less is more.

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