Getting proactive for Summer Heating plus A/C savings

It’s that time of year again; I realize that it’s only the start of January but that’s pre-Springtime for us.

  • I live far enough south that we are actually already seeing pollen starting to cover the cars.

It’s not full on yet but it has started, as soon as I have to scrub any pollen off the car, it’s time for me to call the Heating plus A/C company… Within six weeks, we can count on the morning time temperatures to remain in the 78’s, however that’s when the chorus of heat pumps crank up in my town. While we tend to leave the thermostat alone until we are consistently topping 90, the heat pump needs to be ready; So once I see the pollen, I call the Heating plus A/C company to set up the air conditioning tune up. This is the first step when it comes to being proactive about saving on air conditioning costs. While we have a winter time to die for, the Summer thumps us. If you don’t have some sort of plan plus preparation for the Summer heat plus humidity, you’ll pay. I mean that quite literally. If you don’t prepare the home properly, stop direct sunshine heating plus have some thermostat control, it gets lavish. I know people that pay the equivalent of a new car payment just for the cooling comfort they enjoy inside their house. To me, that is a huge waste of money, and getting the air conditioning tune up ensures that the heat pump is running at its most efficient, but from there, I spent a couple weekends making sure that the weather stripping is in nice shape. And all gaps around the exterior of my home are sealed. Then it’s just pull the shades, keep the thermostat around 78 for the Summer plus we’re nice to go.

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