Goosebumps or sweat; take your pick

These mornings it seems like everything is doomed to be incredibly uncomfortable.

  • The current state of the world is panic inducing no matter how you look at it.

I feel like there are no right moves because it’s terrible to stay inside and keep your shops shuttered. At the same time, it’s incredibly dangerous and negligent for us to go back into the public. If that has not enough, you have to consider how literally uncomfortable things have been, however global warming clearly is real and has been taking effect in our world. I’ve never had such an uncomfortable summer time season before in my life. I am used to a great deal of heat and humidity throughout the warmest season of the year… But this summer time is perspiring a lot of records for oppressive heat and mugginess. Unluckyly, that means there is no option but to rely on indoor air temperature control every afternoon. I am not a huge fan of turning on the AC system for 3 months straight. However, it seems like there is no option but to harass my temperature control biweekly. No matter what I do, the indoor air feels just as uncomfortable as the outdoor air. However, it’s in the opposite direction. When I stand outside my body is immediately boiling and scorched by the sun. I am sweaty within 5 minutes and feel unquestionably disgusting. When I walk inside, the climate isn’tmuch better. It’s frosty frosty and the air is utterly dry. This means I am immediately covered in goosebumps and reaching for a blanket when I am inside. I spend my afternoon going back and forth, and enwhile in horrible heat or deranged cold. My internal temperature control must be just as confused as the rest of us.

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