Got boiling and wasted money while trying to save money

My mom talked me into going to a flea market with his on one of the hottest days of the year and most of the booths did not have air conditioning.

  • My associate and I spent hours walking around looking at other peoples’ junk with a heat index over 120.

Every once in a while I would hear the hum of a window air conditioning and I would make a B-line for that booth. I would feign interest in whatever they were selling for as long as I could fake it or until Mom started wondering towards another booth. By the end of the afternoon, I noticed that even Mom was gravitating towards the air conditioned booths. Both of us truly made more purchases from air cooled venders than my friend and I did from non cooled ones, even if my friend and I did buy a lot of stuff my friend and I didn’t need. I noticed that most of my purchases were things to make me cooler; either now or in the future. I purchased a lot of frozen drinks, fans, and modern filters for my air conditioning at home. When my friend and I finally got home, both Mom and I crashed in front of the air conditioning vent with a chilly iced tea and cooled off… Unluckyly, my mom didn’t find what he was looking for despite all the hours in the sun. I told his that next weekend, my friend and I would go to real brick-and-mortar shops to find it. I think my friend and I spent all the money he thought he would save buying junk my friend and I didn’t need at the flea market. At least brick-and-mortar places will be air conditioned, cool, and comfortable.