High end apartment complex keeps letting A/C compressors get damaged

I live in an upscale apartment complex and I pay a lot of money every month for the privilege of doing so.

But lately I have been starting to think that I might be happier renting a cheaper apartment elsewhere.

For one thing, this apartment complex has really strict rules as to who can stay overnight in my own apartment. No overnight fun for me! No pets are allowed. The grass in the front looks amazing but you better not be caught walking on it or having a picnic. And, worst of all, is the trash cans. We each have our own designated trash can and it is placed at the back of the complex in a specific area. Unfortunately, this area is right next to the air conditioner compressors. There is not stink or anything like that because central air conditioning doesn’t work that way. The problem is that the city trash trucks hit the air conditioner compressors with the trash cans while emptying the bins. At least once a month the air conditioning goes down in half of the apartment complex because one of the compressors is seriously damaged by a trash can. The apartment manager put up protective fencing but that doesn’t matter. They still get damaged. The smart thing would be to move the trash cans far away from the air conditioner compressors but that isn’t being done. Instead, we all have to go without air conditioning for a day or two so the compressors can be fixed. It is ludicrous. So I think I am going to start looking for a different apartment complex. One that is not so uppity.

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