HVAC air volume sizing is critical

I spend a lot of time inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office trying to find a better way.

What I mean is that my job is to find ways to cut costs and take advantage of weaknesses.

That sounds worse than it is but that’s basic to my career. However, this sort of attitude and approach can tend to bleed into the rest of my life and that’s not so great. When this happens, I can end up going too far when trying to find a better way. When it came to a recent HVAC equipment upgrade, I should have left it all to the HVAC professionals. But of course, I was trying to find an edge. Initially, I met with the HVAC contractor at the HVAC company. While I certainly wanted these HVAC professionals to install my new heating and cooling equipment. I was also really looking for information when it came to the sort of residential HVAC models that would work for my home. My idea was that I would then go out and find the specific HVAC equipment at a much reduced price online. It took me a couple months, but I did find what I thought was the right heat pump at nearly 35 percent less than the HVAC company. So I bought it and had it shipped and then called the HVAC professionals to install it. That installation didn’t happen because I bought a heat pump that wasn’t big enough for the air volume in my house. So I took a loss on the heat pump I ordered. But I also turned over all aspects of the HVAC equipment replacement to the HVAC professionals.


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