HVAC winter blues

This past winter I made a new friend that I never expected to meet.

It all started when my HVAC system broke down the first time.

I had a technician come out to the house to make the repairs and soon learned that my system was beyond repair. I guess I knew it was coming because it had broken down annually for the past three years and I knew that the time would come when I would have to make and investment in a new one. I say I made a new friend because, the technician that came out to my house and also installed my new system seemed to be there all the time. In a way it was great to have company because I live by myself, even if I was being charged an hourly rate for him to be there. We talked quite a bit while he was there and actually had a lot in common so we really did become friends after that. My new system was much more involved than my old one and I now have three separate zones so that I can save money on Heating and Cooling spaces that are unoccupied. My technician friend was great and showed me exactly how to work every feature on my new system and I can even program it for specific times and days of the week. What are the things that we found that we have in common is that we both love blues music. This is great because with my new system I can plan trips to music festivals and not have to worry about my HVAC system operating while I’m gone. Prior to having a new system installed I always worried about even leaving house for the day because I never knew if it was going to be working when I got home.