I appreciate modern HVAC machines

I can remember long ago the time I killed and totally destroyed my window a/c.

You see, I was trying to move it from one floor to another.

And while going down the stairs I lost my balance and dropped the window a/c! It literally crashed down the stairs and broke into a million pieces and it was game over! It was just great that I did not do the same thing and ended up killing myself falling down the stairs. It was a matter of the window a/c or the window a/c and me too. So of course, the window a/c is replaceable, so I knew I had to just let it fall down the stairs and break into a million pieces. Thinking back on that incident from long ago made me realize how grateful I am to the world of heating and a/c technology now. We have central heating and a/c units to take care of all the a/c so we do not even have to know about hauling window a/cs up and down the stairs anymore. It is a much better way of doing things all together. But I will never forget what happened that one time with the window a/c unit all those years ago. It certainly makes me appreciate central heating and a/c units now more than ever before! And I certainly mean that for real!

a/c rep