I bought a humidifier for my son’s bedroom

I love being a mom to my three beautiful children.

My husband and I tried to have children for years before God blessed us with our first little girl.

She is so sweet and so precious to us. About two years later, I gave birth to our second little girl, Addie, and last year, I had our little boy, Kalvin. I love all three of my children so much, and like any mother, I want what is best for them. I had a pretty rough pregnancy with my little boy, and it led to him being born about five weeks early. It was not something that I would have wished, but I am thankful that he is okay and that I am okay as well. He has always been a sickly baby, and I think it is because he was born so early. I try to keep him away from any children that are sick because he will surely catch whatever sickness he comes into contact with. I recently bought him a humidifier for his bedroom because I noticed it was a bit dry in his room. It does not help that it is the middle of the winter which means the air is quite dry already. He almost always has a runny nose, but since I started using the humidifier, he has been so much better. His nose is not nearly as runny, and he seems to be feeling so much better. I wish I would have bought him the humidifier sooner, but I had no way of knowing it would help so much.


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