I Decided to Clean My Air Ducts Myself

The air in my home has been a little smelly, and I’ve attributed it to my air ducts, however i have a ton of air fresheners scattered throughout the home and I’ve cleaned every surface, but the smell still lingers.

I suppose the smell is at its worst when the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system is pushing air through my air vents, which is why I’ve decided to clean my air ducts.

I considered hiring a professional, but after looking into the prices, I feel like it’s something I can handle myself. I’m not opposed to cleaning a great mess. I did a little research on cleaning air ducts, and it seems self-explanatory enough, but thankfully, the internet gave me with step-by-step guidelines. The first thing I had to do was unfasten the air duct covers, which was easy enough. Then, I had to block the supply vents with a towel and switch my temperature control to the fan setting, and next, I began cleaning the air duct by scrubbing the dust and debri from within. I had to put on a mask for this step, because the dust was overwhelming and it made me sick to suppose that I was breathing in the air traveling through. The final step was to scrub the supply and return registers. Overall, I thought the process of cleaning my air ducts was self-explanatory, even though I wasn’t expecting the mess to be quite so large. I had to contain the dust and debri from the air duct into the trash before it spread throughout the house. I suppose I’ll pay someone next time.


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