I dropped a cottageet on my a/c, and do not believe that it is going to work for much longer

Moving is not straight-forward.

I have friends who are in the military, and they transport all of the time.I know I was not made for that life because I have only had to transport once with my family, and it was rough.

My hubby is a actually superb packer, however he had to work overtime during the month that my friend and I were packing up our house, so he could not help very much. We have three little ones, and they helped me as much as they could, but most of the time they just made more of a mess. When my friend and I finally made it to our current house with all of our stuff, it was quite an ordeal to bring it all in. My hubby kept very calm, however I was a little stressed and he could tell. He told me to go relax while he carried the heavy stuff in, however I refused. I carried the a/c in which was not too heavy, but it was a little heavier than I should have been carrying considering I was pregnant. I was so irritated that I could only get the a/c inside the door. After that, I had to set it down for my hubby to carry the rest of the way upstairs. I then proceeded to carry a small cottageet in, however I tripped over something and dropped the cottageet onto the a/c. I also went down with the cottageet onto the a/c. Thankfully, the baby and I were just fine, but the a/c will never be the same. We have been using it for a couple of weeks now, but it makes some pretty weird noises, and I do not believe that it will last much longer.