I finally realized just what I need

Last summer I was pregnant.

Being pregnant, at least for me, was already a very miserable experience.

But to be pregnant in the summer when it is hot and muggy? That is the worst. I was sitting upstairs in my room, feeling uncomfortable and rather large, fanning myself with a paper. It suddenly occurred to me that I shouldn’t have to fan myself because we have an air conditioner. I called out to my husband and asked him why it felt like a furnace in the house. He checked the thermostat and said it should be working. I heard the air conditioning unit kick on shortly, but when I held my hand over the vent all I felt was warm air blowing. We realized the HVAC unit must not be working. My husband shut off the HVAC unit because I didn’t want that warm air heating up my already hot room. He called the HVAC provider and explained that we needed to have the air conditioner repaired. They explained that there were many HVAC units that needed repair and it would be several days before they could send an HVAC technician to our house. I knew I could not last a couple days. So, in the meantime, my husband purchased an air conditioner window unit just for our room. He had a friend help him with the air conditioner installation and we kept the door to our room closed for the next several days. It was so refreshing and wonderful to have the air conditioner blowing on my face and cooling down my room. That air conditioner window unit definitely saved my sanity that summer.

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