I Got a Different Smart Thermostat For My Birthday

When people began asking me what I wanted for my birthday last year, I always told them that I wanted a smart thermostat; After moving into my home, I was eager to replace the old plus dated thermostat on the wall; Unluckyly, the smart thermostat had to take a backburner because I needed to replace the air conditioning first.

  • I began researching which smart thermostat I wanted plus slowly dropping hints to my parents.

When my birthday rolled around, I couldn’t wait to open up my presents. Although my parents gave me a smart thermostat like I requested , they gave me one that I wasn’t expecting. I was set on getting a particular brand based on reviews I’d read, so this other smart thermostat was a shock. I didn’t want to sound ungrateful, although I was disappointed. I contemplated going to the store plus exchanging it for the smart thermostat I wanted, but the box said that it had a 60 day guarantee. I installed the smart thermostat plus began reading the manual. I installed everything onto my iphone plus sat back plus watched the smart thermostat do it’s thing. I was surprised at how efficient the smart thermostat was. It kept my apartment at the perfect temperature plus I never had to alter the settings myself. When the 60 afternoons were up, I decided to keep the smart thermostat because I was so satisfied with it! I’m so thankful that my parents purchased me this smart thermostat instead of the one I initially wanted.

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