I got a window unit for my birthday

People look at me weird when they ask me what I got for my birthday and I tell them I got an air conditioner. Well it is the truth. I got an air conditioner for my birthday and I could not be happier. Yes our house has central air conditioning and heating. However, I am always hot. It seems the older I get the more difficult it is for me to cool down. It is worse at night. My wife and I are always fighting over the thermostat. She can’t sleep because she is too cold and I can’t sleep because I am too hot. I should mention that we sleep in separate bedrooms. After 30 years of marriage it just works out better this way. My wife claims it is because of my snoring. Whatever the case, it made it possible for me to get, and install, a window air conditioning unit in my bedroom. Like I said, best birthday present ever. For the first night in a long time I slept for a solid 8 hours. Just before going to bed I turned the thermostat on the window air conditioning unit down to 60 degrees. Then I took a shower, crawled into bed, and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. I was so cool and comfortable. As an added bonus, the wife and I didn’t have to fight over the central thermostat setting just before bed either. I hope she got a good night’s sleep as well. Maybe now we can stay married another 30 years. Now that we have one less thing to fight about.

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