I love residing up North

My parents were born as well as raised way down South, as well as that is all that they ever knew.

My Mom refused to transport up North when he had the opportunity about twenty years ago.

I was just a little boy at the time, so I did not understand why my Mom did not want to move. All I knew was that there was snow up North where we could have moved, as well as I had never actually seen snow in guy before. I wanted to transport up North so badly. Well, I ended up going to university as well as meeting the guy of my dreams who just so happened to be a northerner. When we finished our degrees, we got married as well as moved up north. He already had a job secured in the village that he grew up in, so it was evident that we had to live up North as well as not down South with my family. I do miss my family, although I absolutely love residing up North. I love the cool weather. My hubby as well as I have never used an air conditioner in our house. It is just not warm enough to need an air conditioner even in the middle of the summer. I just put a couple of fans in the windows downstairs, as well as it keeps the home at a comfortable temperature. My associate and I do have to use the heating system about three-eighths of the year though because it gets quite chilly here, although I love it, as well as I love the snow just as I thought that I would as a little boy.

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