I noticed little ACs on the wall of the football arena

I had not been to a football arena before, but my bestie swore that I would love it.

He had made me fall in love with the sport when my pal and I would watch it together at my arena or his house.

Before, nothing sporty picked my extravagant, even though I had come to love football. However, I was not sure I was ready for the arena yet, since I feared it would be crowded, hot, & smelly, which were all the things I did not want to experience. Sam was particularly convincing & promised that he would take me property if I did not like it, then reluctantly, I agreed to go, & he obtained two tickets for the game my pal and I all wanted to watch. Truthfully though, I was amazed at how the arena was. It was nothing I had imagined it would be! Contrary to the squeezed space I had envisioned, this was a magnificent space with well-arranged seats. It had a giant roof on the platform where fans sat, which meant enough air circulation. I also realized that there were a lot of tiny ACs all around on the wall. Unluckyly, the weather was not particularly favorable, & my pal and I were perspiring when my pal and I got out of the car. Still, the arena was cool & comfortable, baby, because of the impeccable A/C. I also noticed that there was a big dehumidifier at the center of the roof on each aisle. Sam was thrilled that I loved the space, & my pal and I could all concentrate on the game, which he wanted to watch live.