I only hire guys with at least three years of experience

My heating and AC repair business has been open for 20 years and I have more than 50 different employees.

Because I service the entire community for heating and AC repairs, it’s important that I hire service technicians that have experience.

I regularly only hire guys with at least 3 years of experience. I try to find service technicians that have both commercial and residential experience. It’s not always easy to find someone with experience, but I try to offer a decent wage and great benefits so the company is attractive to potential workers. I had an interview with someone recently and the kid didn’t have very much experience. I really liked his attitude and willingness to work and he turned out to be the son of a guy that went to high school with me. Even though the kid only had a little bit of experience, I decided to give him a try. He has been working out very well and the kid has been working with me for the past 6 months. He is easily one of the smartest service technicians that I have ever encountered. The guy can remember everything that he learns. He must have a photographic memory, because I never have to explain anything more than once. I was worried about hiring someone with very little experience, but in this case it worked out better than I could have expected. This kid has a bright future in the HVAC industry as long as he keeps his head down and his nose clean.


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