I stayed up all night

I have always been a natural night owl, I love staying up late. The night is my time to be alive. The day is for sleeping in my world. However, last night was one of the nights that I actually wanted to go to bed early. I have an important meeting at work early in the morning tomorrow and I wanted to make sure that I was well rested. I hated going to bed earlier because it was so unnatural for me, but I knew it was necessary for this meeting. It was of course during that same night that my heating system decided to stop working. I woke up icy cold and confused wondering why the heat wasn’t running. I spent all night trying to figure out what was wrong with the heater and why it wasn’t working, it was so cold that I found myself playing with the thermostat while wrapping myself up in blankets! Eventually once it started to get later I realized I was just going to have to go to bed and call emergency HVAC services. I did call emergency HVAC services and they were able to come and service that system in the middle of the night. By the time they were finished it was 5:00 in the morning and I didn’t go to bed until then. I was very very tired when I had to get up at 9:00. It hadn’t been a good day, but at least my heating system is fixed

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