I want one of those fancy new thermostats!

I live in a very cold climate and rely on my furnace to keep me warm all winter.

I’m a baker and it is impossible to make sourdough if the house is cold.

It must be kept at a very warm and comfortable temperature. I place my sourdough starter in a warm room that is at least 70-80℉ so that it can bubble and ferment in preparation for my baking. If the temperature remains stable, it often takes about 2-3 days before the starter is ready to use. However, it must be fed everyday and the warm temperature maintained. Otherwise, it can get too cold and the bacteria will die. Last winter, my furnace went out in the middle of the night. Since I couldn’t call the furnace service, I decided to try and repair the furnace myself. I opened the door of the furnace and stared at the unit, trying to determine where to start. I had no experience with heater repair. I pressed a few things that looked like buttons, but nothing happened. I tried flipping some switches, with no success. After twenty minutes or so, I decided it was hopeless and I’d have to call the furnace service and have them send out an HVAC technician in the morning. The next day, the HVAC business was very prompt with their response to my problem. Perhaps it was because it was the middle of winter and they knew I was freezing in my house. An HVAC technician arrived shortly and before long my furnace was heating my house once again.

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