I want to know what temperature my home is at all times

I read in the news that dogs died in a boarding facility because the air conditioner failed.

Apparently the owners of the facility all left for several hours.

When they returned, they found all of the bored dogs, plus their own dogs, all deceased from heat exhaustion. This is just terrible. This is not the first time I have read a news article like this either. The first time I read about an air conditioner failure proving to be fatal to board dogs it turned out that they were using a single window air conditioning unit to cool a shed full of dogs. That single window unit failed and the dogs all died. This time, however, the facility had central heating and air. Apparently the air conditioner changed to heat all by itself and it got super hot in the kennels. That is, if what the owners are saying is true. It is hard to know. I didn’t think that forced air heating and cooling could fail like that. I find it more likely that someone forgot to change the temperature from heating to cooling. After all, we have been having very strange weather around here recently. After reading this sad news I decided to get a smart thermostat installed in my home just to be safe. That way, I can always tell what temperature it is in my house even when I’m not there. I can even set it to alert me if it gets too hot or too cold. I would hate for my dog to bake to death while home alone like all those poor dogs at the kennel did.

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