I wasn’t trying to be late – forgot my tools

I’m normally an harshly responsible and reliable human being, however there isn’tmuch on this Earth that can deter me from completing a task after I promise that I will do it.

I am a great guy and my word is as great as gold.

This is something that I pride myself on and do not take lightly. I do everything I can to be present for the people that I cherish in my life and I never want to let them down. This carries into my professional life as a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation control specialist, as well! Unluckyly, there are always extraneous circumstances that can throw you a curveball even when you have the best intentions… Although I normally am at least a half an hour early to arrive at the heating and cooling repair shop every morning there is always the potential for traffic to delay my arrival at the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C dealership, and even though I work as hard as I can to complete my air conditioner and furnace repair appointments on time so I can arrive at the next failing Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system as expected, periodically there are delays that hold me up. This is what happened yesterday when I was jumping from an air conditioner repair repair to a professional furnace installation across town. Although I had plenty of time to get to my next heating and cooling appointment, I messed up my schedule when I had to turn back around to revisit the first air conditioner repair. It’s pretty hard to install a forced air furnace if you forget your tools at the first heating and cooling repair job.

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