I won’t have to worry because of our A/C

I won’t have to worry about snakes coming into our house because of our freezing cold A/C.

I have always had a big fear of snakes, ever since I was a little boy.

I once got chased through my yard by one of those racer snakes that live in the western part of the state and ever since then, I have been totally freaked out by them. I even have bad dreams about them sometimes. Even though I am a grown up now and I live in my own house, I still have bad dreams about snakes chasing me through the yard! I guess that it was a really traumatizing experience for a little kid since I still think about it today. The fact that it still bothers me subconsciously should really tell you something. I definitely have a phobia of snakes these days. I should probably go to therapy for it or something like that, but at this point I’m not looking into that definitively. Instead, I have decided to make my house completely uninhabitable for all snakes everywhere. I know that snakes do not like the cold because they are cold blooded. Snakes have to get their body heat from an external source, and I have decided that it is not going to be my house! I have the coldest air conditioning of anyone in our neighborhood. As a matter of fact, I probably have the coldest air conditioning out of anyone in the state! Whenever I had the air conditioning installed, I made sure that the heating and cooling company knew that I meant business when it came to the cold temperatures in my house.

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