Improving my AC situation after a movie inspiration

I loved to watch a film every weekend as a way of unwinding and relaxing after a long week of working hard. This also allowed me to bond with my family, especially my daughter, whom I rarely see during the week because of both our busy schedules. She was in college and sometimes left the house earlier than I did during the week. This particular weekend, we decided to watch a film or docu-series on air conditioning inventions. This was Sarah’s suggestion, and I wondered why she preferred such a film. At first, it felt odd that she had chosen it, but as time went by, I understood her motivation. This was no ordinary docu-series but one that involved assertive women doing things for themselves. It was a story of a group of women who decided to build their retirement homes by themselves, and it captured every step of the way. They were currently exploring air conditioning systems, and the film captured their struggles. It was a breath of fresh air seeing how they consulted experts and involved the right professionals in every step of their journey. I felt as though I was part of the team just by being there. Just by watching them, I got the idea to insulate the attic and my walls to help boost the efficiency of my AC. I recently noticed that the air conditioning unit struggled to function and was beginning to have a strange sound that I had heard at my sister’s house before her unit broke down. The film explained that insulating would help allow the unit to take breaks and prevent continued running.
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