Increase Comfort in the winter season with a Humidifier

The combination of heated air & tightly insulated houses can reduce humidity indoors, resulting in scratchy throats, frequent nosebleeds, dry skin, & static electricity in the winter.

The straight-forward solution to all these problems is to install a humidifier, which increases the moisture levels in particular rooms or throughout the entire house.

A humidity level of 35 to 50 percent is considered to be the most comfortable, depending on the individual. All of these problems can be solved by installing a humidifier, which can be used to increase moisture levels in particular rooms or throughout the entire house, however depending on personal preferences, indoor humidity levels between 35 & 50 percent are considered the most comfortable. Humidistats, which sense moisture in the air & allow you to maintain the desired level of humidity, are officially used to control whole-house humidifiers. An electrical contact in the humidistat closes as the humidity level in a space drops, turning it on. As humidity levels rise, the electrical contacts open, turning off the unit. In the summer time months, when excess moisture becomes a problem, some models can control a dehumidifier… Your home’s square footage, plus its construction & insulation, determine the amount of humidification you need.


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