It is not fun dining separate from a/c

My neighborhood is not taking this Coronavirus thing actually seriously, and restaurants plus bars are still open plus almost nobody is wearing a mask in stores, but i don’t know if it is because it is a small neighborhood or what however nobody is getting sick in my area.

I just assumed it was like that everywhere; Boy was I surprised when I took a trip down south.

I knew I would have to wear a mask in the airplane but I was surprised to discover that you have to wear a mask literally everywhere! No only that, however bars plus eating establishments are only open for outdoor dining, but since I’m on trip, of course I had to eat out for every single meal, and unblessedly, this meant eating while getting overheated plus overheated almost all of the time. It is actually overheated in the south… Eating outdoors, in the sun, with no a/c is actually unpleasant; Thankfully my hotel room was actually cool plus comfortable. The a/c worked great in there. So, after a few days of eating separate from a/c, I started getting my food to go. Then I would take it back to my hotel room plus eat there. It was cooler plus more comfortable; However, it was also actually lonely. Eating by yourself in a hotel room is no fun at all. I entirely hope this whole virus issue gets solved suddenly. I would like to be able to eat with other people again plus I would like to be resting in a climate controlled building while doing so.

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