Kids get punished with Heating and A/C settings

I never want to be the sort of parent who is described as arbitrarily strict.

If my kids want to know the reasoning behind the decisions plus limitations that I make for them, I am thrilled to provide them satisfactory answers.

In other words, I’m not going to be like my mom. She was the master of the “because I said so” parenting style. I would much rather explain to my kids why I have made this decision plus what my reasons are. For instance, when they want to increase the indoor air temperature or utilize the air conditioner more heavily I’m thrilled to tell them our financial limitations. They need to understand that energy bills cash plus all of our bills add up each month. When my pal and I use the central heating plus cooling system it’s a luxury, not a necessity. They should love the air conditioner that my pal and I have plus the thermostat settings that my pal and I have created. When they go behind my back plus adjust the thermostat anyways, they need to understand why I take the central heating plus cooling system away from them. That’s what happened last weekwhen they wanted to turn down the air conditioner much lower. I told them I couldn’t afford to abuse the AC system right now. I also told them they would be sorry if the air conditioner unit stopped laboring. They went behind my back plus adjusted the indoor air temperature lower anyways. That’s what I had to put my foot down plus take away the AC system entirely. I told them that the air conditioner unit broke plus my pal and I couldn’t afford to have it repaired for several afternoons. After my pal and I lived separate from any indoor air quality control for 3 afternoons, I’m confident that my kids will never touch the thermostat separate from my permission again.

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