Leaving control unit discipline to Heating and Air Conditioning technology

I suppose I’m just tired of dealing with being the air conditioner sheriff.

That’s pretty much what it comes down to.

I’m done with trying to get most people in my cabin to pull the same way when it comes to saving on heating plus cooling costs. My friend and I totally have the heating costs wired so that’s not a problem. But there is also zero effort needed when it comes to keeping the heating costs in check. This is because my pal and I live in a region where my pal and I just don’t have much demand at all from the heat pump for heat. Of course, it’s completely the opposite the other 8 months of the year. But really, it’s regularly been about the four month period while in the summer time that the air conditioner costs get out of hand. I would have family meetings, provide incentives, show the utility bills plus just basically plead with my family to help me. But that just didn’t happen. There would be a sort of disingenuous effort in order to keep dad’s head from exploding. But then it was right back to no control unit discipline or any regard for what all that air conditioner was costing us. So I just had the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor install a smart control unit plus that will be that. I’m disabling the manual mode for the smart control unit plus letting it run the show when it comes to the heating plus cooling of my house. If anyone has a concern with that, they can talk to the Heating and Air Conditioning technology. I’m out of the business of managing the quality heating plus air of my home because the smart control unit will do it better.

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