Looking for a new house in a new city

I am so happy to move to a new city but as my fantastic friend and I all know, it’s not always self-explanatory to move to a new locale plus meet new people.

I am thankful to keep my job plus work remote, but there will be other challenges.

I am wondering if my fantastic friend and I are going to find a house in our price range that doesn’t have window unit ACs. I am not opposed to the window unit ACs, but there are a few reasons I would choose to have a central heating system. Without a window unit AC, I am not sure that my bestie will be able to sleep; His thing when it comes to sleeping is the colorless noise. Other advantages of a window unit A/C is that fact that you can turn them off plus on when you are in that room. There’s no need to cool a room that people are not using. In houses with central heating plus cooling, wasted energy is always a problem. When it comes to finding a new house, I would like to find one separate from window unit ACs plus I know that it is not a deal breaker if my fantastic friend and I do find a locale with only window unit ACs. I’ve always appreciated having a window unit AC. My energy bill never exceeds $100 with window unit ACs. It is nice to have a central cooling system, but it is always much more expensive.


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