Mom needs a repair plan

I have constantly had to mother my own mother.

She isn’t developmentally disabled, that I know of.

She just has never entirely been all the bright… As a result, I was constantly the one taking care of the family, making sure the younger teenagers did their homework, and cleaning up the house. As the oldest, it just fell on me to do. I don’t resent my mother anymore for this. I did when I was younger though. Now, I suppose he just did the best that he could. I am glad to help his out as much as he needs, then one thing he clearly needs help with his respected Heating and A/C repair. I have had to pay to update his Heating and A/C system 3 times in 10 years. Why? Well he forgets to change the air filters or schedule respected Heating and A/C repair. With this final Heating and A/C updatement I signed his up for an Heating and A/C repair plan. This plan is set up so that the Heating and A/C specialists literally do everything for her. They come out and change the air filters several times a year, they tune-up the Heating and A/C system officially and keep the ductwork clean, and they do anything else that the Heating and A/C system requires. My mom was kind of angry when I bought the plan. She said it was a waste of money and that she’s not a baby. I bit my tongue and didn’t say what I was entirely thinking. What I was thinking is that it was a much greater waste of money to keep buying current Heating and A/C units because he is incapable of caring for the others I bought her.

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