My cat has the perfect life

I know that multiple people do not like cats and I can’t understand why. They say that they are truly independent and only allow you to pet them or deliver them attention when they decide that they want it. This may be tplot of some cats but I can tell you that mine is not that way at all. She is truly sentimental and wants attention all the time but I feel it is because she knows that she has the perfect life. I attended to her every need when she wants something and she even has her own spot in the condo that I have set up for her to keep her comfortable all the time. I noticed that during the winter time she spent a lot of time kneeling on top of the air vent from the Heating and Air Conditioning system so I knew that she liked to be warm. I personally thought it would be uncomfortable and too tepid although she does not seem to mind so I made a bed that was raised up above the vent for her to sleep on. This served two purposes because she no longer plugged the vent from heating the rest of the room however the mesh bottom allowed the hot air to rise up to her as well. I also purchased a great mesh screen to put over the air vent so that her hair would not fall down inside all the time. I am not sure that multiple people would go to the lengths that I do to make sure that she is comfortable however maybe if they did their cats would be as sentimental as mine is.

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