My daughter Kim married an HVAC technician

My daughter Kim married an HVAC technician earlier this year and we think that he is the perfect match for her.

Whenever she was a little girl, I never really thought about the kind of guy that she went into marrying.

Looking back on it, I guess that we all thought that she would end up with some kind of a doctor or a lawyer or something like that because she’s always been very girly and she has always really liked nice things. Kim has never been someone who has dated anyone in the service industry or someone who is not super rich. Whenever she told us that she was going to marry this guy who was a heating and cooling technician, we were all kind of shocked about it. He just wasn’t the kind of guy that we thought she would end up marrying. Don’t get me wrong, though. We were all pretty happy about it, to tell you the truth. Kim and her new husband are actually the perfect match for each other. We always thought that she was kind of spoiled, and he does not do that with her at all. He does not spoil her at all, but it’s like she just wants to just be a better person for him. It’s nice to see her growing into a better adult who does not think that money is everything. I love the guy that she married and I think that he is going to be a great addition to our family. I think that Kim made the right choice.
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