My first car did not have air conditioner

Growing up is not as fun as I once thought that it would be. I used to dream of being an adult when I was a young boy, although I wish that I would have just enjoyed being a child, and do not get me wrong, I did have times when I enjoyed being a kid, although I spent way too much time dreaming of being an adult. When adulthood finally hit me, it was nothing like I had dreamed it would be. I remember dreaming of my first car when I was little, it was one of the newest as well as nicest cars at the time. When reality finally hit me that I would never be able to afford such a car while laboring a minimum wage job, I was quite devastated. My first car was rough. I did learn to love it because it was mine, but it took some getting used to. The hardest part was that it did not have air conditioner. I had never been in a vehicle that did not have air conditioner, so it was totally current to me. I looked into getting the air conditioner fixed, but it would have cost about as much as the car was worth. I got used to not have air conditioner after a few months, but it was absolutely not something that enjoyed especially on days when I had my hair done up nicely, as well as the wind messed it up because I had to keep the windows down to stay cool. Eventually, I saved up enough cash to buy a current car that did have air conditioner, although I will never forget the days with old yellow as well as no air conditioner.

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