My Furnace Is Working Hard This Winter

This winter has been brutal on me and my home.

It seems like it’s been snowing at least once per week and there is a tremendous amount of ice covering everything.

I’ve been living up north for most of my life, so I understand how frosty it gets and I’m accustomed to the snow and ice… However, like I said before, it seems like there’s way more snow and ice this year. There’s a few positives and few downsides to the situation, but let’s beginning with the positive! I’ve been quarantined at condo since the Spring, which means I haven’t been going into my office while in that time. I’ve been toiling from my condo all this time, so I don’t have to drive through the snow and ice. This has been amazing, although I know how to drive through these dire conditions. The downfall to toiling at condo right now, is that my boiler is running always, then when I was leaving for work every afternoon, my control component was programmed to lower the temperature since I wasn’t there, and my Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional proposed that I do this in order to save currency and run my boiler efficiently. Now that I’m condo all afternoon now, I had to reprogram my control component so that my boiler runs all afternoon long. If the weather wasn’t so excruciating outside, I’d be able to lower the temperature while in the afternoon and work through it, however that’s just not the case. My boiler is toiling overtime, trying to keep me and the cabin warm.

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